Are you selling yourself or your product?

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In the start-up world, validation is touted as the key to the whole pie. A business plan hold little water compared to counting how man people like what your doing. You’ll probably pivot, anyways, so who cares what you are saying you are doing in a year. Bring your business…

Do you need that money for you or your customer? An investor might just distract you from your own success.

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Nearly a year ago I started in Antler, a start-up incubator. It was lot of fun, I learned a lot, and I met an incredible group of people.

I started working on a new company, You can read about . My partner and I came up with an elaborate…

No, but honesty will help me get better.

Are you hyper-effective? There is a group of people out there who are hyper-effective rationalists. Their entire week is planned out in 15 minute increments. …

Is poker a bad habit or a way to understand the world?

Here’s a question for you: I don’t have a job, I am not wealthy and I overestimate my abilities. Should I learn poker?

At first it sounds stupid (and maybe it is) but at least give me a…

Do we make the future or do we find it?

I thought I would write about this autumn and make some sort of list highlighting the top five things I’ve learned so far, or something like that. Why not?!

  1. Medium loves lists. People love to read lists! Write more lists.
  2. People love stock images. Fuzzy feelings get the people going!

Where I doubt I even deserve a CTO.

Your unsuspecting technical partners

Business leader looking for a technical lead to build a cloud-based networking app for vape artists. Must have 3 years working in XR and Elon Musk must follow them on Twitter.

The memes keep rolling, and of course they can be true. Who are these business leaders that expose their…

Charlie Dougherty

Writer in Residence at My kitchen, Not Yours

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